WIP Wednesday: September 13, 2023

WIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayWIP WednesdaySeptember 13, 2023September 13, 2023September 13, 2023

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Hey everyone, I’m here for another Work-In-Progress Wednesday! This time, I’ve got a first look at a new upcoming asset pack, coming late September.

Game UI Pack 1

For the next pack, I’m doing some GUI elements that are useful in pretty much any type of game. I did a few packs like this in the past, but I felt like it was time for some brand new ones!

One of the biggest parts of this asset pack is a collection of meters. They have interchangeable icons and bar colors. They’ll come in two premade lengths (20 bar pellets and 10 bar pellets), and also as split-up segments so you can assemble bars of any length in your game via code or image editing.

A couple different styles of meter will be included, and will come in different color themes for the border. For each style, there’s also a version with no icon spot. Great for either a meter or a progress bar!

Window themes and other standard GUI elements will also be coming your way! They’ll come in a few different designs and color themes.

So far the UI pack is turning out more on the sci-fi side, so I might call it “Sci-fi UI Pack 1” in the end. Also, it’s fun to say out loud!

See you Friday with the release of the fantasy effects pack!

– Will