Atmocopter is a retro sidescroller featuring a little helicopter robot who, upon waking up in a less-than-friendly factory, just wants to make it out alive! What rogue machine lies at the heart of the factory…? And can Atmocopter survive long enough to make it there?
Match 3 stars and solve color-based puzzles using your wits: make strategic moves, use special powers, and defuse bombs! Combine powers to make them stronger, and unlock awards as you go along!

The devilishly hard sequel to Demon's Hymn! More levels, more bosses, more demons.

Made by Will Tice for Low Rez Jam 2018. Out of 170 entries, it earned third place in the game jam, and was #1 for sound!
Featuring music by Charlie McCarron.
Deep in the church basement, demons lurk... Can you exterminate them all? Or will the demon's hymn of darkness sing across the land?

Made by Will Tice for Low Rez Jam 2017. Out of 233 entries, it earned fifth place in the game jam!
Featuring music by Charlie McCarron.
The Rock Men have invaded the forest. It's up to the man with the fist for a head to save the day...
Help Mr. Knucklehead punch his way to victory!

Made by Will Tice for Low Rez Jam 2016. Out of 384 entries, it earned 22nd place in the game jam!
Jerry, your friendly neighborhood indie game developer, entered a game jam! When he uses some expired jam to make a late-night snack, he gets a little more than he bargained for...
Can you help him defeat King Jam?

Made in 1 week for the Composer Quest / Gamer's Rhapsody 2015 game jam. Features programming and art by Will Tice and music by Andrew Harmon.