WIP Wednesday: October 25, 2023

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Hey everyone, I’m here for a quick pre-Halloween Work-In-Progress Wednesday! Here’s a look at the progress so far on Alien Monster Pack 2.

New Monster: Xenomantis

Hot off the pixel art presses today is Xenomantis, one of the deadliest alien races you could ever have the misfortune to encounter in your journey through the galaxy. Although it resembles a praying mantis from Earth, don’t let your guard down! The Xenomantis is highly intelligent and well-armed. Its scythe-like arms make quick work of even the most experienced space marines. Stay clear of these bad bugs!

Animation Demos

Here’s a sneak peek at some animations from other monsters in the pack!

Moon Muncher: Idle (left), burrow/emerge (right)

Moon Muncher also has a biting attack animation and a walk animation. I knew from the start I wanted it to burrow and emerge from the ground, and I found out on the fly that having it retract its legs would be a cool way to do that. It was pretty interesting to draw, I enjoyed this one!

Skittermite: Walk (left), attack (right)

Skittermite walks like a crab, so I watched some video of crabs walking in slow motion for reference. The body of the crab is actually remarkably stable while walking, but I wanted to add some bobbing up and down for a better visual effect. For the attack animation, it brings its tail up from behind it and fires some energy blasts. I’ll be including a projectile for that, of course!

In addition to these animations, Skittermite also has idle, jump, fall, and land animations. The attack animation is split up into start (show tail), loop (fire), and stop (hide tail) segments.

Wrapping it up

While Moon Muncher and Skittermite are pretty much done, I still have to animate Amoeba and Xenomantis. I’d also like to include small versions of Amoeba and Skittermite, plus two additional simple monsters with a couple animations each. I was planning to release this Friday but I think I need a little bit more time, so I’m moving the release to Sunday 10/29 instead. As long as it’s here in time for Halloween, I’ll be happy!

Thanks for your support- I can’t wait to see what you guys make with these monsters!

– Will