WIP Wednesday: August 30, 2023

WIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayAugust 30, 2023August 30, 2023August 30, 2023

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Hey everyone, I’m here for a late night Work-In-Progress Wednesday!

Busy week so far with pixel art and more Realm Rumble work. Let’s take a look!

Fantasy FX Pack 1

Magic Burst A

Magic Burst B

Magic Puff A

Spellcast A

Above are four of the first nearly-complete animations from Super Pixel Fantasy FX Pack 1! I’m going for a different style with this one compared to my other effect packs: The main part of each effect is particle-based. This works well for magic effects that require well-defined little sparkles, and I think it gives the animations a slightly more retro vibe. So far it’s been a lot of fun to try something new, and I enjoyed getting some more practice with smoke clouds in Magic Puff A. The rest of the planned animations include another magic puff, a skull-shaped smoke puff, a power-up animation, and three more spellcasts. The spellcast animation above was made with a heal spell in mind, but realistically it could be used for anything! The remaining spells I’ll be taking inspiration from are a buff, debuff, and level up effect. Looking forward to animating more of these!

Read on for more WIP goodness…

Realm Rumble: WIP New Features

I’ve been continuing work on Realm Rumble, the game I did for Low Rez Jam this year. There’s so much I want to add to the game, but I’m still keeping the scope pretty narrow for this prototype. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the changes I’m working on for version 1.0.0!

Expanded View

The UI is still WIP, so I turned it off for the above screenshot. The main idea of Low Rez Jam is to make a low-resolution game, but after the jam anything goes! This is the first time I’ve decided to increase the resolution of one of my Low Rez Jam games, and it’s definitely going to improve the gameplay. You’ll be able to see a lot more of the map, which directly affects your strategy! Some of the maps aren’t wide enough to fit the window, hence the black bars on either side. I’ll probably fill those in with stylized clouds or something fun. Of course, you’ll still be able to switch back to the Low Rez Jam resolution of 64×64 if you want the original experience!

New Buildings

Several new buildings have been added, and some old ones have been reworked! Center left is the barracks, a building which replaces the old academy. It trains knights now instead of the castle, so you can build more than one knight at a time!

To the left of the gold mine is a blacksmith. It unlocks level 2 knights and archers.

To the left of the castle is an armory, which unlocks level 3 knights and archers.

The tower-like building to the left of the blacksmith is a wizard spire. It trains wizards and clerics.

Below the wizard spire is an academy, which unlocks level 2 wizards and clerics.

Finally, top left is a mana crystal. It unlocks level 3 wizards and clerics.

In terms of new units, so far the archer is implemented. I’ve also added the first enemy ranged units!

There are lots more changes I’m working on, but we’ll save some of those for next time!

New Schedule

Here’s the tentative schedule for September:

I haven’t yet decided which asset pack to work on for the second half of the month. I’m leaning towards doing something a little straightforward like HUD / UI assets, because I want to give myself time to do Halloween assets for October. I’ll keep you posted!

That’s all for today- I’ll see you next week with another WIP post!

– Will