Super Pixel Objects 2021: Halloween Update!

Super Pixel Objects 2021Super Pixel Objects 2021Super Pixel Objects 2021Halloween Update!Halloween Update!Halloween Update!

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It’s that spooky time of year again! What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some new pixel art?

This is a major update to Super Pixel Objects 2021 Edition, and adds both large (32×32) and small (16×16) versions of a variety of spooky new items.

Full list of new objects:

  • Bone
  • Skull
  • Horned Skull
  • Skull Necklace
  • Skull Relic A (static)
  • Skull Relic A (animated)
  • Skull Relic B (static)
  • Skull Relic B (animated)
  • Spirit Orb A (8 color themes)
  • Spirit Orb B (8 color themes)
  • Tombstone A
  • Tombstone B
  • Tombstone C
  • Tombstone D
  • Crystal A (8 color themes)
  • Crystal B (8 color themes)
  • Ankh
  • Cross
  • Bible
  • Cursed Book
  • Lantern (inactive, 6 color themes)
  • Lantern (active, 6 color themes)

As always, all objects have three outline styles: No outline, light outline, and dark outline. The texture atlas / spritesheet has also been updated with the new objects. This update brings the total PNG count to a whopping 8413!

This took me a little longer than expected to put together, but I’m really happy with the way all the new objects turned out, and that makes it worth it. As a Halloween treat, the new objects from this pack are available to all my patrons on Patreon, regardless of pledge! Join up today.

Happy Halloween! I’ll see you on Halloween weekend with the Mimic Chest asset pack.

– Will