Starting A New Year!

Starting A New YearStarting A New YearStarting A New Year

Hey everyone! I’m back with the first post of the new year.

A Little Thank You

I’d like to thank you all for your support and the kind messages regarding Garnet’s passing. It’s been very tough, but we’re hanging in there together as a family. We’ve been taking turns adding to a list of things we love about Garnet. It’s been bittersweet, but has been a wonderful way to reminisce about her together. Folks around the neighborhood have also been sharing their condolences, and I don’t know what I’d do without them! A few have been asking about the future, to which I say: We’re not done having dogs in our lives, so stay tuned.

Poll Time!

I’m starting to get back in action now. I have a lot of ideas for pixel art packs this year, and I want your input on them! What kind of stuff would you like to see or use in your games? Want more props? More effect animations? Heroes? Monsters? Icons? The list goes on- Let me know what you think! Vote here in this special patron-only poll:
(Not a patron yet? What are you waiting for? Join up and get awesome pixel art for your games!)

Stuff I’m Working On…

This year I’m also planning on finishing the redesign of my game engine and completing and releasing SparkBolt Studio, an all-in-one sprite/tileset/level editor. Work is going well- I did have time to do some over the past few weeks. The redesign is using EnTT, an entity-component system, instead of the previous object-oriented approach. There’s still going to be a bit of that where I need it though. This past week I got serialization and deserialization of data (saving and loading) working for the first time. It can successfully save objects to a file, and then restore them. It can also preserve the relationships between entities- For example, a parent entity and a child entity, or an entity which “knows about” another entity by storing its handle. Those types of relationships can be saved and restored, as long as all entities involved are saved together. A good step forward, but still a lot to do!

What’s Next!

Here’s the tentative schedule for January and February.

I’m looking forward to bringing you lots more pixel art this year as well as SparkBolt Studio!

Thanks for sticking with me, and see you soon with the next asset pack.

– Will