New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Sci-fi FX Pack 1

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Super Pixel Sci-fi FX Pack 1Super Pixel Sci-fi FX Pack 1Super Pixel Sci-fi FX Pack 1

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Hey everyone, thanks for your patience! I kind of got way off of my original schedule- I’ve been hard at work on a couple new programming projects. Nevertheless, the pixel art journey continues!

Super Pixel Sci-fi FX Pack 1

This asset pack includes 10 sci-fi themed animation types. Each one comes in both a large and small version, and has multiple color themes as always! Read on for a few preview GIFs!

My favorites are the explosions and the high-tech scanner. I can see them all being very useful in games!

This asset pack is currently available to $5+ patrons via this link:

Other Updates!

The new projects I’m working on aren’t quite ready for the light of day, but they include some new territory for me- Windows utilities! I’ve never worked on something like that before, so it’s been an interesting new adventure. Sometimes it’s a little frustrating because of how the Windows API is designed… But it’s fun when it all starts working!

Over the last couple months I’ve also completed MetaMaker, the program which helps me make GIFs like the above for digital storefronts. It’s pretty polished now and does everything I need, including PNGs, GIFs, and even MP4s for the Unity store!

The code I’ve put into it can also be repurposed for SparkBolt Studio (my pixel art editor project), and I’m excited to come back to that! I recently split the editor code from my game engine, which improves the workflow. I learned a lot from this project, like how splitting the scene library (left pane) and the asset library (bottom pane) can make for a much smoother experience. Being able to see the thumbnails of the assets is super useful! I’m definitely going to bring that change to SparkBolt Studio!

I’ll be in touch with what’s new next Wednesday for WIP Wednesday. Until then, here’s a new tentative schedule for the next couple months:

I’m going to try something new with some regular “Screenshot Saturday” videos, which will cover new asset pack releases and info from WIP Wednesday posts for the Youtube audience. The next couple asset packs will be some more themed effects packs, because I’m still really enjoying doing that kind of art!

See you soon, and enjoy the new art pack!

– Will