New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Impact FX Pack 1

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Super Pixel Impact FX Pack 1Super Pixel Impact FX Pack 1Super Pixel Impact FX Pack 1

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Hey everyone, I’ve got a couple updates for you tonight!

Super Pixel Impact FX Pack 1

First, I’m here today with a new asset pack! I took some extra time to give a couple of the effects an extra coat of polish- Thanks for waiting!

Like my other effects packs, this pack includes 10 impact animation types. Each one comes in both a large and small version, and each one has seven color themes! Here are some more juicy preview GIFs.

Turns out I really enjoy drawing effects. These have once again been a blast to draw! My favorite is the large dust impact. I think I’m really getting better at that kind of thing thanks to this!

This asset pack is currently available to $5+ patrons via this link:

Low Rez Jam Returns!

One of my favorite things I’ve done as an indie game developer is a game jam called Low Rez Jam, an annual game jam where the only rule is that the game has to run in a 64×64 resolution. This makes it ideal for pixel art! In the past, I’ve made several games for Low Rez Jam, including Mr. Knucklehead (2016), Demon’s Hymn (2017), and Demon’s Hymn 2 (2018). I also entered the jam in 2020 with Atmocopter Mini, but the project was too ambitious and I wasn’t able to finish. I wanted to release it, but I just couldn’t in its unfinished state and I soon got too busy with my new C++ game engine.

This year, I’ve decided to enter again with a tower defense-like game! Here are a couple mockup images and WIP art.

It’s going to be interesting because for once, it’s not an action-platformer type of game. There’s still a lot of work to do to bring it to completion, but I’m gonna do my best! Even if I miss the jam deadline, I’ll finish and release this one. I’m considering it a prototype for a higher-res tower defense I’d like to make.

Here’s the basic idea:

  • Construct walls to defend your castle
  • Place towers on walls to attack enemies
  • Enemies can destroy walls and towers
  • Send knights out from the castle to defend
  • Mine gold to fund your building and knight-training

The idea brings in some concepts from the RTS genre, but I’m planning on your knights having their own AI, so you wouldn’t be able to control them directly. So it’s somewhere between a tower defense and an RTS.

I can’t wait to show you more, but I have to develop it first! I’ll be in touch on Wednesday for a WIP update. If there’s time, I might also do a WIP post on Saturday, August 12th. I’m keeping the second half of the month relatively free just in case I need more time for the game.

I’ll be in touch with some game development next- See you then!

– Will