New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Fantasy UI – Viking Hearth

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Fantasy UI “Viking Hearth”Fantasy UI “Viking Hearth”Fantasy UI “Viking Hearth”

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Hey everyone, I’m here today with a new asset pack! Very happy with the way this UI pack turned out. Let’s have a look!

Read on for more awesome screenshots and a download link for patrons, or purchase below!

Like the last pack, this UI pack includes several different color themes for almost everything included!

The brown theme is my favorite. It looks like ornately carved wood!

It took a little bit of upgrading on my end to make these screenshots- The design of the windows changed the amount of available space, and there are 9 color themes this time instead of 8. Lots of fun to finally get it all working!

Ready to grab it for your game?
This asset pack is currently available to $5+ patrons via this link:

I’m sorry I missed this week’s WIP Wednesday! I got a bit behind, and things are going to have to shift around a bit this month because it’s getting busier and busier as we head into the holiday. Therefore, I’m moving some stuff around…

…And pushing the next pack into January. We’ll start off the year with another UI pack and sci-fi props!

I also really want to give myself some time to work on my game engine and tools this month, so I’ll be doing that (and some other work) until my holiday break. I’ll see you ahead of the holiday on the 20th to check in and share what I’ve been up to, and if there’s time I might do an end-of-year thing on Youtube, we’ll see. I guess it’s less of an “if there’s time” and more like “if there’s energy to video edit,” because it takes a lot out of me. Anyway, it would be good to do a “year in review” sort of thing.

Thank you so much for your support this year! I’m glad to see the community here grow and I’m happy to be able to share in your game development journeys. Let’s keep making awesome stuff- Lots more to come in 2024!

– Will

Bonus: Garnet, all tuckered out!