New Asset Pack: Alien Monster Pack 1

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Alien Monster Pack 1Alien Monster Pack 1Alien Monster Pack 1

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Sound the alarm… It’s an alien invasion! Gear up and get ready to fight for planet Earth as you blast some space aliens!

Hey everyone, happy Halloween! I’m here today with Super Pixel Alien Monster Pack 1, an asset pack with FOUR unique monsters that each come in two sizes and three color themes!

Let’s have a look at each of the monsters!

Hopclops: A bipedal cyclops that can hop around.

Crawling horror: A spider-like menace that can spit globs of acid.

Space Fly: A winged alien that seeks out and zaps its prey.

Grub: The creepiest, crawliest, squishiest lil’ guy you ever did see.

Where do all these monsters come from? Alien eggs, of course! Splatter effects are also included and can be used as impact effects or death animations.

Ready to get it in your game? The download link for $10+ patrons is here:

Thank you for enjoying the art, and happy Halloween! Don’t forget to tune in to a Spook Spriting double-feature on my Youtube channel on Sunday and Monday, where I’ll be drawing the stone gargoyle and all these aliens!

– Will