NEW: You can now get a demo on Windows/Mac/Linux!
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Version 1.01 is available! Click here to view the changelog!

Welcome to Star Reaction, the strategic, relaxing, and fun puzzle game that you can totally zone out with!

Solve a variety of puzzles using your wits: make strategic moves, use special powers, and defuse bombs! Combine powers to make them stronger, and unlock awards as you go along!
We wouldn't be satisfied making just another simple matching game. Star Reaction gets you thinking. Develop strategies, defuse bombs, and get the gold medal! Use the special powers to destroy stars, change their colors, or more!

Solve unique puzzles in Star Reaction's Classic Mode, or challenge Deluxe Mode with all the special powers!
Want a test of speed, adrenaline, and nonstop strategic action? Then Endless Mode is for you.

The desktop version of Star Reaction includes HD graphics, and even a custom level creator!
(Of course, it includes all the Classic and Deluxe levels, as well as Endless Mode!)

On Android, Classic Mode includes 30 free levels! Race against time and get big chain reactions in Endless Mode- also free to try!

Star Reaction: Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android today!


PC requirements: Java 1.6, approximately 75MB disk space. 2.0GHz CPU or better and 2GB RAM or more recommended.
Android requirements: Android 3.2, approximately 28MB disk space. Modern phone and Android 4.0 or greater recommended.