Aspiring composer? Create your own music!

As Colorado John goes through his adventure, you can go through your adventure of becoming a composer! Design music that fits the atmosphere of the game, and just drop it in the sound folder to test it out!

Grab Charlie McCarron's music workshop resources, too!

Welcome to Colorado John and the Quest for the Forbidden Princess!

Colorado John and the Quest for the Forbidden Princess is a mini-game that was made for a music composition workshop at St. John's University in Collegeville, MN. Students were able to compose music for the game, and now you can too! If you're an aspiring composer, give it a try. Test your skills at composing game music, and share your compositions with everyone! Let's see what you can do!

Show your friends, show your family, show your music teachers or professors, and spread the word! Just drop your compositions into the sound folder, and make some jams that Colorado John can groove to!

*whip cracks*

We'd love to see what kind of music and sound effects you can come up with.
Tweet your creations to us at @untiedgames or post them on our Facebook page!

PC requirements: Java 1.6, approximately 15MB disk space. 2.0GHz CPU or better and 2GB RAM or more recommended.
The music and sound effects in the promotional video above were composed by Sean Deal and used with permission.