WIP Wednesday: March 15, 2023

WIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayMarch 15, 2023March 15, 2023March 15, 2023

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Hi everyone, I’m here again for a Work-In-Progress Wednesday to show off what I’ve been working on!

Only a couple visuals today: The first finished sprites from Super Pixel Fantasy Pickups Pack 1!

Heart A:

Heart B:

This would have made for a great Valentine’s day post… Haha!

Anyway- While the sci-fi pack had slightly more realistic collectibles, the fantasy genre is a place where symbolism is everything. Lots of games need heart-like things to refill the player’s health! I’ll be doing two sizes for the spinning heart. I think it would work well as a health pickup, whereas the shining heart might be suited to a permanent HP upgrade when collected.

Next, a WIP sprite:

This is going to be some kind of “soul” collectible. It needs a few more frames and a coat of polish on the motion. But the idea is there!

I actually came back to programming this past week for the first time in a while. (Too long!)

For those of you who are new here or just haven’t heard about it yet, I’m both an artist and programmer and I’ve been developing SparkBolt Studio, a tool that unifies pixel editing + animating, tileset design, and level design. It’s going well! I wish I had a fancy GIF or something to show off, but my current task is putting together the undo/redo system, which isn’t exactly show-offable. It’s going well though! I’m still hoping to work ahead on art enough to be able to release SparkBolt in the second half of the year. Stay tuned!

…I just can’t leave you without SOME kind of GIF of it though. Here’s one from a while back!

The above GIF shows off tile placement. The brick tiles are just normal 16×16 tiles, while the pipe tiles (with the yellow debug circles) are large 32×32 tiles composed of 4 16×16 tiles. They act as one object: If you erase/overwite part of a large tile, the whole thing gets erased. Above I’m testing out how the stamp tool works with the large tiles, demonstrating how it works no matter which part of the large tile is selected. I think it’s going to be pretty slick for level editing!

I’ll see you on the 24th with Fantasy Pickups Pack 1! I’m also going to be trying to work ahead on the more involved asset packs in the meantime. Wish me luck!

– Will