Mini Update June 2015

Hey, it’s Will!
Spring has come and gone, and we stand on the threshold of summer. Lots of new stuff happened over the last couple months! I made seven awesome tilesets and produced four devlog videos featuring yours truly. Not to mention the Speed Spriting videos! I’ve been feeling pretty accomplished…

As well as sort of swamped. That’s not a bad thing though! With all of the above, plus dev work on games, plus life, I’m pretty busy. You might have noticed that the free tileset of the week didn’t change a couple times, and that there wasn’t a new tileset last week. Don’t worry! I have a plan. First I’d like to assure you that I do have a new tileset in the works, and I’ll do a double tileset release this Thursday, which will hopefully get us back on schedule for the following week. One of the tilesets is totally new, and the second will be an alternate version of Mayclover Meadow. So you can look forward to that!

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