Zombie Pack Update!

Zombie Pack Update!Zombie Pack Update!Zombie Pack Update!

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Hey everyone! For the first of many Halloween-themed updates, today I’m happy to present a long-awaited update to the Zombie Pack: Crawling animations!

Ever since it was requested, it had been something I wanted to add. However, I couldn’t make the time when I was doing freelance programming. Plus, the workflow for this asset pack wasn’t easy… Between the different variations (3 different heads, 2 different legs, 2 different arms, 7 color themes), there are 84 unique zombies. That means 6 recolors to do and 84 spritesheets to update. In the past, I did some crazy stuff with batch scripts to try and make it easier, but even then it was hard. More recently though I’ve improved my workflow overall with some new tools to help me out in this area, and I was able to make the update smoothly!

This update adds:

  • Crawl animation for all zombies!
  • Crawl death animation for all zombies!
  • To have a zombie emerge into a crawl animation, stop the emerge animation partway through (before the zombie would normally stand up) and switch to the crawl animation.

As a special Halloween treat, this pack has been made available for $5 patrons and up!

Ready to get it in your game? The download link for $5+ patrons is here: http://untiedgames.itch.io/zombie-pack-pixel-art-monsters/patreon-access

Thank you for your support! I’m looking forward to the next Halloween update!

– Will