Wrapping Up 2023!

Wrapping Up 2023!Wrapping Up 2023!Wrapping Up 2023!

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Hey everyone, we’re in the final stretch of the year! That means it’s time for a new schedule that runs through the end of the year.

There’s no WIP Wednesday this week, because I threw out my back over the weekend and am still recovering. So far so good- finally able to get back to work at the computer! Luckily I have a standing desk, which I really need to use more often to avoid future back issues.

As always, the schedule is more of an estimate or roadmap than a rigid thing. You never know when you might throw your back out, after all!

I also have a good chunk of December earmarked on my personal schedule for programming, so there’s going to be a lot of decent progress on the game engine and my other tools!

Can’t wait to make a lot of cool stuff through the rest of the year. See you on the 17th with the first sci-fi UI pack!
– Will