WIP Wednesday: May 24, 2023

WIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayMay 24, 2023May 24, 2023May 24, 2023

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Hey everyone, I’m here for a Work-In-Progress Wednesday!

Just a quick one because it’s a little late at night here. Going to show some more animations from the next asset pack! I’m a little behind this week but still gonna try and finish it before the weekend. If you don’t see it posted Friday, expect it early next week!

Sci-fi FX Pack 1

From top to bottom, it’s a scan effect, an explosion, and an electric zap. The scan effect will have an appear/disappear animation as well as the loop you see above. For the explosion, I really wanted to do something similar to the warp effect from the previous pack but more explosion-y. The zap is a little more full-bodied than some of my previous electric effects, and could have a variety of in-game uses like powerups, hazards, or maybe an impact effect of some kind.

That’s all for this sneak peek- I’ll see you soon with the complete asset pack!

– Will