WIP Wednesday: January 17, 2024

WIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayJanuary 17, 2024January 17, 2024January 17, 2024

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Hey everyone, I’m here with the first Work-In-Progress Wednesday of the new year! Here’s a quick look at the next pack.

Sci-fi Props Pack 1

Here’s the first look at some sci-fi platformer props! You’ll be able to make anything with this pack from a mundane office to a mad scientist’s laboratory. I started drawing a little bit of both- Oldschool CRT monitors and a tower PC, and a “supercomputer” straight out of the 70s or 80s. Next I’ll be drawing all sorts of machinery, crates, barrels, and several more computers and computer terminals. One of the challenges in this pack is color- So much of this kind of equipment is gray, so I need to figure out ways to add splashes of color without making it look too cartoony. I’m thinking for some of the props, a yellow/black caution pattern will be a big help in that area. Looking forward to completing the pack for next week- Stay tuned!

Poll Results!

Thank you for voting in last week’s pixel art poll! The results are in, and there’s a lot of love across the board for different kinds of art. The most votes went to platformer props, effect animations, GUI/HUD elements, and platformer tilesets. There’s also some interest in platformer heroes and monsters, as well as game items and looping backgrounds. I’m looking forward to visiting all of those art types this year! I’ll factor the results into my schedule and let you know what’s coming up this spring!

That’s all for today- Aside from art, I’ve been doing some pretty dry programming work on my game engine and code generator. I enjoy it, but there’s not much to show off! Long story short, remember last time when I mentioned saving/loading entity relationships in the engine? Turns out I only had it half working. Whoops! That’s why it’s a good idea to write tests…

– Will