Welcoming Zephyr!

Welcoming Zephyr!Welcoming Zephyr!Welcoming Zephyr!

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Hey everyone! This is part 2 of today’s DOUBLE-POST! Looking for the new asset pack? Check out part 1 here.

I’m very happy to announce to everyone that we have a new member of the family: Say hello to ZEPHYR!!

Above: Day one! So tiny!

Zephyr joined us on January 26. She’s about ten and a half weeks old and her ears just popped up recently. She’s a corgi, but has a fluffy coat, which is a first for us!

Above: This past Monday on a walk around the park. Zephyr’s waving “Hi!”

Read on for more pictures!

She’s learning so many new things and (of course) getting into all sorts of trouble. She loves to play and chew, and already knows several different tricks! Here’s what we know so far: Come, sit, lie down, up (put front paws on my arm), go around (walk in a circle around me), jump (over my leg), come by me (get on top of me), and speak. However, Zephyr’s still a puppy and is pretty unfocused, so she kind of does them when she wants! We’re working on it, haha.

Above: Day one- standing in the water bowl, a totally normal thing to do.

Above: Hanging out in my basement office last Friday. Her bed is sitting on a footstool next to the couch, so we can be right next to each other.

So far I’m pretty sure I’m her favorite toy. My hands are all chewed up and scratched, but I don’t mind! I’m sure she’s doing a lot of teething right now, so the best I can do is redirect her to her toys and hope for the best.

Above: Zephyr today with some of her many toys! We love Garnet’s old duck toy so much that we picked up a second one for after she destroys this one.

Above: Zephyr doing weird corgi stuff today.

Once again, thank you for your patience as we got our new lives with Zephyr sorted out! She’s a bundle of energy and loves everyone and everything. I’ll post more pictures of her in the WIP Wednesday posts going forward!

See you soon with more pixel art and other awesome stuff!

– Will