unTied Games: Rebooted

unTied Games:unTied Games:unTied Games:RebootedRebootedRebooted

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The unTied Games reboot is finally here!

I had a couple technical issues while video editing that slowed me down (first video edit on new computer), but got through it alright.

Watch the video here:

New asset pack: Super Pixel Objects 2021 Edition!

This asset pack is available RIGHT NOW for $10+ patrons. Here’s a link!

Bonus: Here’s a free sample of both of my object packs, available to everyone.

Patreon reward tier changes are live!

The changes I mentioned earlier are now online!

  • There’s a selection of my favorite asset packs available at the $5 tier.
  • My most recent assets (including SPO: 2021 Edition) are available at the $10 tier. (Includes above)
  • All my assets are available at the $30 tier.

If you were a patron before today and you missed out on an asset due to this change, send me a message and I’ll get you a download link.

Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait to make more amazing things!

– Will