Untied Games + FUZE 4 Nintendo Switch

unTied Games +unTied Games +unTied Games +FUZE 4 Nintendo SwitchFUZE 4 Nintendo SwitchFUZE 4 Nintendo Switch

I’m proud to announce my pixel art partnership with FUZE on FUZE4 Nintendo Switch! This is a coding platform for the Switch that will help you make awesome games.

I’m so excited and it’s been so hard to keep it under wraps for so long! At the end of the video, I also talk about what this means for my Youtube channel and for you, my patrons. Long story short, I will be recording the making of all of the FUZE pixel art and uploading it to my Youtube channel! So there’s going to be a lot more videos coming your way. Some of the assets will also be made available to my patrons, too.