Screenshot Saturday: RPG Tiles, Atmocopter, and more!

Screenshot Saturday:Screenshot Saturday:Screenshot Saturday:RPG, Atmocopter, & more!RPG, Atmocopter, & more!RPG, Atmocopter, & more!

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Hi everyone! It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for some screenshots! Here’s what I’m working on lately.

RPG Dungeon Tileset!

Releasing next week for Patrons!

This tileset features stairs, pillars, doorways, pits, treasure chests, switches, levers, and fully-complete terrain. Your dungeon can be any shape or size!

Atmocopter Updates!

Now that my contract with FUZE is winding down, I’m finally able to get back to work on Atmocopter, the game I’m currently making. Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been working on lately!

This is a Guardian. He’s a stronger enemy, and will appear at the end of the first level. You have to break the dome on his head, and then pull out his circuits to beat him.

Some of you may remember my first boss, Vortexxicus. He’s gotten an updated paint job! It’s a little subtle, but the lighting is quite a bit better thanks to increased contrast. Top picture is before, bottom picture is after.

I’m also doing a bunch of level editing, but you’ll have to wait til the next devlog video to see it in action.

Other cool stuff!

A shrub, generated with my particle system engine. I hope that someday I can use it to make pixel art trees!

Video editing! My Youtube channel has been dormant for a while because I was so busy finishing the FUZE work, but now I’m finally getting back in action.
This will be the first of many Speed Spriting videos to show off the work I did for FUZE! It’ll also be my first two-part video ever.

That’s all, folks!

Hope you all enjoyed the screenshots, and have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be in touch soon with the RPG tileset release and the Speed Spriting video.

– Will