Screenshot Saturday: Grass tiles, miniboss, and more!

Screenshot Saturday:Screenshot Saturday:Screenshot Saturday:Grassland, Atmocopter, & more!Grassland, Atmocopter, & more!Grassland, Atmocopter, & more!

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Hi everyone! I was a little busy yesterday, so today it’s Screenshot Sunday! That means it’s time for some screenshots! Here’s what I’m working on lately.

Grasslands Tileset Sneak Peek

Releasing tomorrow for FREE!

This is a work-in-progress shot of a simple grasslands tileset. There are a couple duplicate tiles in the picture because I’m using the Super Pixel Plains layout.

Remember the Medieval Village tileset I made a loooong time ago, and how I mentioned I’d maybe want to do a full version of the terrain someday?

Well, someday is today! I’m converting the rock pattern to a smaller size to make it easier to use, and I’m fleshing out the terrain to make it just as flexible as Super Pixel Plains or Super Pixel Cave. The best part is: This tileset is going to be free for everyone!

(The Medieval Village tileset will also be updated at some point to include the new terrain.)

Five Free Pixel Explosions

Available now!

This is a free sample of my pixel explosions pack. I’ve chosen five of my favorite explosions from the full pack, and made them available for free. Enjoy!

Atmocopter Miniboss

This is a new miniboss for Atmocopter, the game i’m currently making!

He dives down at you and tries to crush you…

…and then fires from both sides. As you damage him, he gets faster!

After you defeat the miniboss, you’ll get the boost upgrade: A permanent movement ability you’ll have for the rest of the game. I can’t wait to make more bosses and minibosses!

That’s all, folks!

Hope you all enjoyed the screenshots, and have a wonderful rest of your weekend! I’ll be in touch soon with the free grasslands tileset release and another Speed Spriting video this week.

– Will