Screenshot Saturday: Caves, Particle FX, and Atmocopter!

Screenshot Saturday: Caves,Screenshot Saturday: Caves,Screenshot Saturday: Caves,Particle FX, and Atmocopter!Particle FX, and Atmocopter!Particle FX, and Atmocopter!

Hey everyone! New Screenshot Saturday video!
This will cover some stuff my patrons have seen before, as well as some new stuff that’ll be coming your way soon.

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Hi everyone, I’m here again with a new installment of Screenshot Saturday! Today we’ll be looking at cave tilesets, more particle effects, and a new Atmocopter level. Let’s get started!

First up: Following my Super RPG Dungeon tileset, here I’ve got Super RPG Cave. This tileset came out earlier this week on my asset store and for my patrons.

I’ve always wanted to do an RPG cave! Having done the dungeon tileset first, it was a little easier to create since I was able to use the same template. The rock patterns presented their own new challenges, though!

Like the dungeon tileset, it includes three color themes. You can also see here that it also includes the same objects as the dungeon tileset: Locked doors, switches, levers, and treasure chests.

Pits are more flexible in this tileset, and can be any shape. I also added bridges to cross them.

Here you can see the whole scene! This is the third and final color theme.
I really like how organic the shape of the level can be.
A link to this tileset is in the video description. (Link)

Next, here’s something you might recognize. This is Super Pixel Cave, a tileset I did last year.

Why am I showing this, you might ask?
Well, I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I decided to do something special with it…

Say hello to Retro Pixel Cave! This is a retro de-make of the Super Pixel Cave tileset.

It’s still a work in progress, but it will be released next week for my patrons as well as on my asset store.

In addition to the three original color themes from Super Pixel Cave, I’ll be adding some special bonus color themes!

This color theme uses the Dawnbringer 32 palette. I like how it adds a little more contrast.

Want even more retro? This color theme uses the Pico-8 palette! For those of you who dabble in fantasy consoles, this one’s for you.

The NES palette may also make an appearance!

This one cheats a little bit… The NES hardware can only use 4 palettes with 4 colors each, but I’m bending that rule to keep some details I’d otherwise lose with that restriction.

Remember the Super Pixel Plains tileset? This one will also get the same retro treatment!

Here’s a VERY rough look at what it’d look like using the DB32 palette.
After finalizing the colors in Photoshop, I’ll go into Pyxel Edit and tweak the tileset to look better at the lower resolution.

Next, here’s something I don’t think my Youtube community has seen yet! Earlier this year, I released two particle effect packs. This is “Will’s Magic Pixel Particle Effects!”

These were the precursor to the explosion effects I showed in the last video. Unlike the explosions, these were (mostly) rendered at a higher resolution, then downsampled and color-limited to become pixel art.

That might sound easy, but it was actually quite a painstaking process! It’s worth it for the result, though.
There are 20 effects in all. The implosion and charge effects are my favorite!

The explosion effects I showed last time were easier to make. I think I had a better workflow, thanks to the experience I got from creating these effects!

This pack is available on my asset store as well as for my patrons. (A link is in the description!) (Link)

Next is a companion to the previous pack… My first NON-pixel art pack! This is “Will’s Magic Particle Effects.”

I was really inspired by the special effects in Final Fantasy Tactics, and I wanted to see if I could use my particle engine to do something similar. It was a success!

Just like the last pack, this pack also has 20 animations, all at 60 FPS.
This pack actually came first! It was easier to start with higher-res effects because I wasn’t sure how the particle effects would turn out as pixel art.

This pack is also available on my asset store as well as for my patrons. (A link is in the description!) (Link)

Finally, I’d like to show off a work-in-progress level for Atmocopter. This is the first level of a laser-themed world!

The enemy we’re fighting in this picture is a little dangerous. His shots bounce off the walls, so be careful!

Here’s a laser cannon. They’ve actually been in the game for quite a while… They were one of the first things I added!

They’ve gone through a lot of changes since then, though. They used to be lethal, but now they bounce you back while still dealing decent damage.

There are some pretty cool things we can do with lasers in this world! Reflecting lasers is the main puzzle theme. This puzzle also tests your knowledge of previous puzzles by using a floating platform that you’ll have to move!

Bonus real life screenshot! This was taken on my bike ride this morning.
It’s nice to get away from it all!

And that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed the screenshots, and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

– Will