Sci-fi + Fantasy Items 1 Version 2.0 Update!

Sci-fi + Fantasy Items 1Sci-fi + Fantasy Items 1Sci-fi + Fantasy Items 1Version 2.0 Update!Version 2.0 Update!Version 2.0 Update!

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Hey everyone, happy Easter, if that’s your kind of thing!

I have an asset pack update for you today for both Sci-fi Item Pickups Pack 1 and Fantasy Item Pickups Pack 1. This update brings tons of new color themes to every item in each pack! Check out the screenshots attached to this post to see a little preview.

Check out the asset packs:

Fantasy Pack 1:

Sci-fi Pack 1:

Thank you all for your support, and a hearty welcome to all the new patrons since last time! I can’t wait to bring you more awesome pixel art!!

(Pictured above: “Hearty” welcome!)

– Will