Quick update + Sneak peek!

Quick updateQuick updateQuick update+ Sneak peek!+ Sneak peek!+ Sneak peek!

Hey everyone! I’m here with a little update and preview of what’s coming up soon. You can also read/comment on this post on Patreon.

First off, I’m working on some RPG dungeon assets for FUZE that are non-exclusively licensed, so they’ll be coming your way soon! Here’s a sneak peek:

This tileset will include diagonal walls, switches, treasure chests, and more!

My work for FUZE should be winding down soon, and I’m excited to get back to creating assets more regularly for you guys. I’d like to continue the Super Pixel tileset series, adding a castle, dungeon, and forest platforming environments. Which do you think I should start on first?

I’d also like to make some new particle effect packs! My pixel particle effects are my most popular asset pack by far, and I’m really excited to make more of them! I’ve currently got plans for an explosion pack and another magic effects pack. What kind of particle effects do you want to see?

Are you interested in effects with glow? Without glow?

More “classic” RPG-style effects?

Or more modern effects, with a pixel art flair?

Let me know your thoughts! Personally, I’d like to do some more “elemental” stuff with lightning, fire, and water, but I haven’t had time yet to put any of it together. What do you think the next pack should have?

I’m kinda scrambling to get my work for FUZE done because I’m close to the deadline, but I’ll be in touch again when I can!
– Will