Stage Select, Part I

So we’ve started a blog. Where do I start? It seems fitting that I’m the one to start everything off, since I’m the one who started this whole thing. I thought I’d talk today a little about how unTied Games got started, and where we’re going now. Like I mentioned last time, we unofficially started about three years ago, when I sent an email to some friends and said “Hey, want to make games together?” A lot was different back then for me.

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Press Start

We’re pleased to announce the grand opening of the shiny new unTied Games blog! We’ll be posting here at least once a week about game development, art techniques, sound design, and lots more.
After over three years of working together, Charlie, Ethan, and I (Will) have had a lot of new experiences while working on Star Reaction and other projects. We’ll share the ups, the downs, and everything in between. We’ll even show off what we’re working on next, so strap yourselves in!

We’d be glad to have you along on this new adventure! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our RSS feed for all of our latest updates.