New Tileset: Super Pixel Dungeon

New Tileset:New Tileset:New Tileset:Super Pixel DungeonSuper Pixel DungeonSuper Pixel Dungeon

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Hi everyone! As you probably guessed, I’ve been super busy lately. My work for FUZE has ramped up a bit, but I’m still committed to making tons of pixel art for you all!

Things are a little quiet around here for a few different reasons. Atmocopter development has pretty much been on hold due to my work for FUZE, but I’d like to start working on it again on the side. My work for FUZE is unfortunately something I can’t discuss, so that’s why I’m quiet on that. Finally, I’ve been working on a sorta-secret project that I’m not quite ready to reveal yet. It’s a tool, rather than a game. I’ll do an update video soon to cover what I’ve been working on, when it’s ready.

Anyway, I’m here today with a new tileset: Super Pixel Dungeon!

This is the fourth tileset in my Super Pixel series, and like the others, it comes with three color themes. Here are some previews:

Color theme A

Color theme B

Color theme C

The download link for $10+ patrons is here:

Thank you for your support!

– Will