New Tileset: Roseate Moonrise

The new tileset Roseate Moonrise is now available for Patreon backers!
This one is interesting- I tried a couple new things.

At 347 tiles, it’s certainly my biggest yet, but it didn’t really feel like it as I was making it. A lot of the tiles are single-use, appearing as part of the moon. This time, I wanted to try making an image with a large background element. I can say for sure that it turned out nicely! The moon was really fun to make. Usually I work with smaller objects in my scenes, so it was quite a big change. Another big change was moving from 8×8 tiles to 16×16 tiles. This doesn’t mean I won’t go back to 8×8- they both have their advantages and disadvantages! 16×16 tiles are more suited for these types of tilesets with large elements.

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