New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 3

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 3Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 3Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 3

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Hey everyone, I’m here today with a new asset pack: Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 3!
You know the drill by now: Like the other packs, it includes 30 skill icon types with a resolution of 32×32.

Each icon type comes in three versions to represent leveled-up skills. That’s 90 icons in all!

Once again, two new HUD styles are included: One is carved stone, and the other is toylike mechanical.

I hope you enjoy them! I tried to get a good mix of both sci-fi and fantasy icons this time, and I really think these are the best icons yet. Got an idea for an icon you’d like to see in a future pack? Let me know in the comments!

This asset pack is available to $5+ patrons via this link:

See you soon with more pixel art! Have a great weekend!

– Will