New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 2

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 2Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 2Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 2

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Hey everyone, I’m here today with a new asset pack: Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 2!

Like its predecessor, this pack includes 30 pixel art skill icon types with a resolution of 32×32.

Each icon type comes in three versions to represent leveled-up skills. That’s 90 icons in all!

Two new styles of HUD are included: One sci-fi themed, and one fantasy themed. Both are adjustable to accommodate any amount of icons! Of course, all icons and HUDs are compatible with the first pack.

Autocast, cooldown, and icon highlight animations are included! (They’re the same as the first pack, but will be included with all packs.)

I hope you enjoy them and can put them to use in your games! I really like drawing these, and there’s definitely going to be more of them this year. I’ve got a whole list of ideas, but if you have an idea for a skill you want to see in a pack, let me know in the comments!

This asset pack is available to $5+ patrons via this link:

By the way, my tentative schedule for March-April is now online!

I’m a little under the weather unfortunately, so no video this weekend. We’ll make up for it next month! I haven’t decided on the subjects for the videos yet, but the time slots are there and I have a LOT of footage.

Next month I’ll be doing both sci-fi and fantasy pickup items! I’m looking forward to doing some energy canisters, hearts, gadgets, and relics. These are going to be fun, I think!

– Will