New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 1

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 1Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 1Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 1

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Hey everyone, first asset pack of the year! Lots more on the way, too.

Say hello to Super Pixel Skill Icons Pack 1! This asset pack includes 30 pixel art skill icon types with a resolution of 32×32.

Each icon type comes in three versions to represent leveled up skills. That’s 90 icons in all!

Two styles of HUD elements are included, and are adjustable to accommodate any amount of icons.

Autocast, cooldown, and icon highlight animations are also included!

I hope you enjoy them! It’s the first time I’ve done icons like this, and they were pretty fun to draw. They should be really easy to use in-game, too!

This asset pack is available to $5+ patrons via this link:

Just a reminder, a lot of links changed recently during the update I made to reward tiers. If you spot a missing/broken link on one of my store pages and can’t download an asset because of it, let me know!

The next pack will be pixel projectiles. Can’t wait to share more of those!

– Will

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