New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Sci-Fi UI – Futura Max

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Sci-fi UI “Futura Max”Sci-fi UI “Futura Max”Sci-fi UI “Futura Max”

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Hey everyone, I’m back with a new asset pack! It’s a little later than planned, but that just means I get to tell you all happy Thanksgiving! For real though- Thank you for your patience. It’s been a tough month on my end but things are a little better now.

For this pack, I went beyond what I originally planned by adding a ton of controller glyphs! There’s images for each button and stick on all the modern controllers I could think of. Let’s take a look!

Read on for some awesome screenshots and a download link for patrons, or purchase below!

The above image is actually one of my favorites, because it’s based on one of the example images from my old GUI packs. It was a lot of work to get it all just right!

Above is my second favorite example image! I got to show off a few different window designs and lots of controller graphics. Check out how I was able to use the outlined controller glyphs in the bottom left window to make the buttons a different style!

The meters are going to be pretty useful, I think.

Above is a plainer screenshot showing how the windows can be put together.

And of course, everything comes in multiple color themes! I also included the icons from the old GUI packs because I like them and I think they’re universally useful.

Ready to grab it and try it out in your game?
This asset pack is currently available to $5+ patrons via this link:

Not a patron but want to get the asset pack? Check out the store page!

Finally, the best part? My GUI export process is now all set up, so the next GUI pack will be waaaaaay easier! It was a lot of fun to automate some of it, but I’m also glad it’s done.

Thank you once again for your support! I’m going to take a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’ll be back at it with a WIP Wednesday post next week. See you then!

– Will