New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Impact FX Pack 2

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Impact FX Pack 2Impact FX Pack 2Impact FX Pack 2

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Hey everyone, I’m here today with a new asset pack! Thank you for your patience- I’ll make up for the wait with some of the best impact effects I’ve drawn yet! Let’s take a look.

Like Impact FX 1, there are ten new effect types. There’s more variation in this pack than the first one: It includes toon impacts, cinematic impacts, sci-fi impacts, fantasy impacts, and dust impacts.

The effect animations come in both large and small sizes, and in seven color themes each!

Read on for some awesome screenshots and a download link for patrons, or purchase below!

Ready to grab it for your game?
This asset pack is currently available to $5+ patrons via this link:

Thanks for waiting and for all your support! I’m looking forward to showing you what’s coming up next this month (and of course, more pics of Zephyr) in this week’s WIP Wednesday. See you then!

– Will