New Asset Pack: Super Pixel Effects Pack 2

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Super Pixel Effects Pack 2Super Pixel Effects Pack 2Super Pixel Effects Pack 2

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Hey everyone, thanks for waiting- The new asset pack is finally here! I have a couple more updates too, but asset pack details first.

Super Pixel Effects Pack 2

Say hello to Super Pixel Effects Pack 2, an asset pack with TEN different flashy and smooth-as-butter animated pixel art effect types! Each one comes in two sizes, and has multiple color themes. They add up to 180 animations in all!

You’ve seen a few of them already in the WIP posts, but now the gang’s all here!

I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites. I’ve got tons of ideas for future effect packs, and I want to hear your ideas too!

This asset pack is available in the $10+ patron collection via this link:

December Schedule

In other news, my schedule for this month is now online.

It’s a little shorter than previous months, because in the second half of the month I’ll be on vacation a little near the holidays and also working ahead on more upcoming asset packs. The current schedule can always be viewed at

The $5 / $10 tier asset update is now on the schedule going forward, but there won’t be a corresponding post. It’ll just happen sometime on the 15th, so check after that to see the refreshed asset rewards!

A small patron-only asset pack will be arriving on the 16th, and will include animated presents and special holiday-themed stuff!

Jumping Ship

Finally, a little update on my online presence. During the past few weeks, Twitter has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. I can’t continue to use the platform in good conscience. The @untiedgames Twitter account will remain online but I won’t be posting on it for the foreseeable future.

All Aboard!

The good news is that I’ve been trying Mastodon out and loving it so far! The conversations seem more genuine and I’m finding a lot of really good artists, indie devs, and industry professionals to follow and interact with.

My handle is, and here’s a link to my page: Hope to see you on there!