New Asset Pack: Stone Gargoyle

New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:New Asset Pack:Stone GargoyleStone GargoyleStone Gargoyle

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Hey everyone, happy almost-Halloween! I’m here today with the Stone Gargoyle pixel art monster, a flexible and menacing platformer game enemy.

The stone gargoyle comes in three color themes, and has two kinds of attacks!

I’m especially happy with the way the death animation turned out. My other favorite animation is where it starts out as an innocent statue, and then “wakes up” and activates!

Ready to get it in your game? The download link for $10+ patrons is here:

I was kind of down to the wire finishing it this week, it was one of the only things I hadn’t worked ahead on recently. Despite the time crunch it turned out really good I think! I’m gonna have to shuffle some things around though, because there isn’t time to get the Spook Spriting: Stone Gargoyle video edited by Sunday. So instead, we’ll have a Spook Spriting double feature on October 30 and 31! The schedule has been updated to reflect this.

Finally, it’s time to reveal the Halloween surprise! The next asset pack is…..

Alien Monster Pack 1!

This asset pack will be coming on October 28.

Thank you for enjoying the art, and happy Halloween!

– Will