Mini Update May 2015

Hey! Been a while since we had a normal, text-only blog post. Lately I’ve been sharing news through videos, so I thought I’d switch it up a bit this time. It was my birthday over the weekend, and I had a pretty awesome time. I played some disc golf with my cousin and some friends. Really gave those trees a rough time with my disc!

Anyway, to the point. This week is going to be different than the last few weeks. Different in a good way! I think.
Long story short is that we’d really like to get a HeliRobo demo done by late Wednesday night. Why such a weird time? It’s the Intel Level Up Game Developer Challenge 2015 deadline!

This contest is interesting, because you only have to submit a game DEMO, not a full game. So this fits in nicely with what we’ve been working on with HeliRobo! As you’ve seen in the development logs, the game is starting to shape up into something you might call a demo, if you squint your eyes and have a few drinks first. In order to get HeliRobo a little more up to par by the deadline, I have to — you guessed it — do a bunch of work! So for that reason, three things are happening this week that don’t usually happen.

1. No video devlog this week.
This counts as a devlog! Sort of. I’ll have a lot to say in the next devlog about HeliRobo, at any rate.

2. No new tileset this week, but…
This is the major unusual thing that’s happening this week. Usually I make a tileset every week for Patreon backers, but this week…

3. HeliRobo demo this week!
This week we’ll be releasing the HeliRobo demo instead! So I hope that makes up for it. It’s gonna be lots of fun, I promise.

So that’s the plan. Usually I get a lot of development done on the weekend, but with my birthday and Mother’s Day, everything got pushed back a little, and there’s still LOTS to do with HeliRobo before the contest deadline. (Like choosing a real name for the game!)

Look forward to later this week, when the demo comes out!