Mini Update June 2015

Hey, it’s Will!
Spring has come and gone, and we stand on the threshold of summer. Lots of new stuff happened over the last couple months! I made seven awesome tilesets and produced four devlog videos featuring yours truly. Not to mention the Speed Spriting videos! I’ve been feeling pretty accomplished…

As well as sort of swamped. That’s not a bad thing though! With all of the above, plus dev work on games, plus life, I’m pretty busy. You might have noticed that the free tileset of the week didn’t change a couple times, and that there wasn’t a new tileset last week. Don’t worry! I have a plan. First I’d like to assure you that I do have a new tileset in the works, and I’ll do a double tileset release this Thursday, which will hopefully get us back on schedule for the following week. One of the tilesets is totally new, and the second will be an alternate version of Mayclover Meadow. So you can look forward to that!

Additionally, I’m still working hard on the next Atmocopter demo, which I slated for release on Monday. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to make it or not yet, because there’s still quite a bit of the level to revamp. The level’s about 1/3 done, I’d say.

The dark blue is redone, the light blue is still placeholder graphics.

There are some cool new features and a lot of new graphics. I won’t spoil the surprise regarding the new stuff, but let’s just say they make the level a little more dangerous!
I was also hoping to get a devlog video up at the same time as the demo’s release, but I think it’s pretty optimistic. That’s a lot of content to create by tomorrow. I’ll do my best, though! Just a heads up that it might be released later than expected.

It’s hard to keep on schedule sometimes with all this stuff going on. You know, there’s some days where it’s like “I was really in the zone yesterday programming, maybe I’ll do that instead of pixel art today,” or vice versa. Some days that’s just how it is! Especially with the next Atmocopter demo coming up, I’ve been working on that quite a bit more lately. It’s hard to make devlog videos on a regular schedule when I have to also create the game that the video covers! Especially when I’m doing behind-the-scenes work, like plain old programming.

Eventually, I also plan to rework the Assets section to utilize databases. It’s annoying to manage a ton of HTML files for each tileset, and again for the premium section and the free tileset of the week page. Just haven’t had time to learn it- I’m not a database/PHP/MySQL wizard! (…yet?)

So that’s what I’ve got for you today and this coming week. Look forward to it!
I was also interviewed on a stream last week. I’ll be doing a blog post about that soon! Stay tuned.