Hey! Do you need some pixel art for your game, website, Youtube channel, or other project?
You're in the right place!

My name's Will, and I'm a pixel artist. I specialize in tilesets, but I also do sprites and more. I'm looking forward to helping your game come to life! If you just want to drop me a line or ask random questions, that's cool too.

I am currently engaged in a large contract and cannot accept any new contract work at this time. Sorry!
Feel free to drop me a line though. :)

Here are some important things that might answer some questions and help me work for you!
  • I usually work for $15-$20 per hour, depending on the project. After I give you a quote and we agree to start work, I typically ask for 50% on start and 50% on completion. (This is usually waived for returning customers.)
  • Describe your project in as much detail as you can! If you want sprites, list the sprites you need. If you want a tileset, list the objects you need and the tile size. If you don't know exactly what you want, that's okay! We'll talk about it.
  • What style of pixel art do you want? A simple NES style takes less time and costs less, while a more complex SNES style takes more time and costs more. This is an important question! If you're undecided, I have a bunch of pixel art you can look at.
  • If you have an art style you like, send me a picture! Upload it to an image sharing website and paste the link in the contact message. It can be a screenshot of a game, pixel art you saw on Twitter, or even a real-life picture!
  • PLEASE try to use good grammar! If I can't read your email, I won't be able to reply.
  • Sound good to you? Scroll down and contact me!

  • Below are a few examples of pixel art contract work I've done in the past.

    Sci-fi background
    Client: "These are great. Just what I was looking for."
    Sci-fi character walk cycle
    Client: "Awesome! These look great."
    NES-style top down city tileset
    Client: "That looks awesome."
    Skeleton knight: various animations
    Client: "Really happy with it!"
    Witch character
    Client: "That's exactly what I need... These look super cool to me."
    SNES-style industrial tileset
    Client: "It looks amazing."
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    You can also contact me via Twitter at @untiedgames!

    I get a lot of contacts and requests for art, and I'll do my best to reply to them all.

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