NEW: You can now get a demo on Windows/Mac/Linux!

Atmocopter is coming to Steam! Thank you for your Greenlight votes!
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Tentative release date: Early/mid 2018

Say hello to Atmocopter, the propeller-spinning, eye-blasting, robo-grabbing "un-platformer!"

Atmocopter is a retro sidescroller featuring a little helicopter robot who, upon waking up in a less-than-friendly factory, just wants to make it out alive! Navigate Atmocopter through hazardous electraps, bumpers, spider-bots, and more as you press switches, blast rogue robots, and solve puzzles! Switch to Quickmocopter for an added speed boost, or become Fatmocopter to take out your enemies and bust down barriers. What rogue machine lies at the heart of the factory…? And can Atmocopter survive long enough to make it there?


Hello! My name's Will, and I'm a pixel artist, programmer, and the developer of Atmocopter. I've been working on Atmocopter for almost two years. It's been an incredible experience to have people play my game and test it out. So today, I'm proud to announce that Atmocopter is now on Steam Greenlight, with a playable demo! The demo link's up at the top, so give it a try and let me know what you think!

The demo includes a mostly-complete first world. Going forward, I'd like to add 4 or 5 more worlds to the game before the tentative release date in early/mid 2018, including new worlds, new enemies, as well as bosses and minibosses. A story and NPCs are also in the works- most of the development so far has been gameplay, art, and playtesting. A lot more special forms for Atmocopter are planned for the final version, too!


Check the Atmocopter Steam page for the latest updates»


PC requirements: Java 1.7, approximately 50MB disk space. 2.0GHz CPU or better and 2GB RAM or more recommended.