Legend speaks of a grand treasure that lays deep beneath the earth. Many adventurers brave the caves, but few return to tell the tale. Will you find danger and ruin, or will you find glory and riches untold? The choice is yours, adventurer...


Asset count: 38
Tile size: 16x16 terrain, 8x8 midground
Color count: 16
Breakdown: Includes 38 pieces per color style, and 3 color styles to choose from. Each style includes cave terrain, midground rock pillars, and 3 backgrounds designed for parallax scrolling.
You get: A zip file containing...
  • A folder of pieces for each tileset style that you can put levels together with (PNG)
  • Spritesheets for each tileset style with your pick of 2 metadata formats (PNG, JSON/TXT)
  • An example image utilizing almost every object (PSD)
  • An awesome wallpaper version of that same image (PNG)
  • A Pyxel Edit .pyxel file containing the tileset and the example image
  • And of course, my thanks!
  • Metadata: Released on 2017-06-22

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