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Asset count: 107
Tile size: 16x16
Color count: 27
Breakdown: Includes 25 modular building pieces with additional damage states, 30 terrain pieces, 4 barrels with additional damage states, 6 debris particles, and 4 background elements.
It's possible to create buildings of almost any size!
You get: A zip file containing...
  • A folder of pieces you can put levels together with (PNG)
  • An example image utilizing almost every object (PSD)
  • An awesome wallpaper version of that same image (PNG)
  • A Pyxel Edit .pyxel file containing the tileset and the example image
  • And of course, my thanks!
  • Metadata: Released on 2016-10-29

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    Includes the Medieval Village and Haunted Village tilesets.

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