Sparks fly from severed wires, illuminating empty corridors. Wrecks like these are common in this quadrant, and so are tales of spacefarers meeting terrible fates. Usually, no one survives... but sometimes these derelict spacecrafts aren't as empty as they seem...


Asset count: 222
Tile size: 8x8
Color count: 23*
*The shadow layer uses semi-transparent colors, but is optional.
Breakdown: Included: 19 terrain pieces, 1 animated sparking wire, 1 animated door object, 12 mechanical doodad pieces (some lightly animated), 7 background pieces, 11 misc. pieces, 1 starfield background
For more combinations, you can also work with the raw tiles!
You get: A zip file containing...
  • A folder of pieces you can put levels together with (PNG)
  • An example image utilizing almost every object (PSD)
  • An awesome wallpaper version of that same image (PNG)
  • A Pyxel Edit .pyxel file containing the tileset and the example image
  • And of course, my thanks!
  • Metadata: Released on 2016-03-30

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