High atop Clearwater Cliffs, a limpid pool shines like crystal in the sunlight, perfectly mirroring the deep blue sky. Here sleeps the Cliffs' namesake: the purest water ever known.


Raw tile count: 123
Tile size: 8x8
Color count: 37*
Note: Blending techniques and transparency are optionally used to enhance the final result. In the example image above, there are 183 colors.
Breakdown: 58 cliff tiles, 24 water tiles, 18 cloud tiles, 12 sky tiles, 9 grass tiles, 2 misc tiles.
A readme is included for tips on putting the scene together.
You get: A zip file containing...
  • The raw tiles (PNG)
  • An awesome wallpaper-size example image utilizing almost every tile
  • A Pyxel Edit .pyxel file containing the tileset and the example image
  • And of course, my thanks!
  • Metadata: Released on 2015-10-18

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